At Freedom Biker Tours we know that as Bikers, we're all seeking some 'Throttle Therapy' whenever we can. 

So, why not get that therapy while exploring some amazing regions of Canada, the USA and other areas of the world with Biker brothers and Sisters.

We found a definition that says: "Throttle Therapy is the term for time spent on a motorized bike with the intent to enjoy feelings of euphoria that may exceed the capabilities of prescription or illegal drugs."

That sounds pretty cool, don't ya' think? 

Make Life A Ride...

At Freedom Biker Tours, our goal is to not only showcase Canada as a world-class motorcycle touring destination, but to also revive old school biker values and share them with as many brothers and sisters as possible through our shared passion, the emotions we all experience while riding, the camaraderie and brotherhood we feel as members of the Biker community, and through the healing power of riding, and what all of that means to each of us. We all have that in common...

One of our favourite quotes:      "You'll never see a bike outside a Shrink's office" 

Your 'Cage Free' Vacation Experience. No Cars. No Buses. Just Motorcycles... 

Freedom, Authenticity, Acceptance and Brotherhood are our core values. We invite you to ride with us and share these values. Immerse yourself in the emotional Freedom. Share your Authenticity and self-express. Be Accepted and experience the Brotherhood

Our rides in Canada are as close to all-inclusive as you can get. That's why they are Worry-Free Vacation Packages. Be sure to scroll down each tour's page for all the details and pricing.

Our Rides are in the Maritimes, British Columbia and Alberta. You'll be riding the West Coast and Vancouver Island, through the Canadian Rockies, plus the Kootenay and Okanagan Regions, and the iconic Canadian Maritimes including, but not limited to Cape Breton Island and the world famous Cabot Trail. 

We have other international rides to surprise you with as well... 



Freedom Biker Tours is proud to support the motorcycle products and services of Viking Bags 

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