There are motorcycle tour companies... and then there is Freedom Biker Tours 

Our mission

Promote Canada as a global motorcycle touring and vacation destination.

The 'cage free' Canadian experience. No buses. No cars. Just motorcycles... 

Experience Canada on a Harley or bike of choice. It doesn't get any better than that. 

We encourage all riders to experience and live our core values: Freedom, Authenticity, Acceptance and Brotherhood

Our Rides are vacation packages. We focus on authenticity, including experiences specific to the regions we are riding in. Experiences that we hope will be hard to forget -  freedom, adventure, and the passion of riding with biker brothers and sisters, and being your authentic self.

Ride with us...

Feel the FREEDOM. Share Your AUTHENTIC Self. Be ACCEPTED. Experience the BROTHERHOOD

Together We Ride...


All bikers want to ride. Our mission is to showcase Canada as a world-class motorcycle touring destination and while doing so, blend a good dose of 'Throttle Therapy' with iconic destinations and awesome riding routes. When combined with regional and culturally authentic experiences, our goal is for every biker on our rides to have experienced and shared our core values.

Make Life A Ride...

Our Values


That emotional hit you get when you ride. The next bend in the road ahead, the bike, the wind, the smells, the sounds, the throttle and your never-ending smile. There is no feeling like it. "It's the same reason a dog sticks it's head out the car window..."


It’s about mindfulness and presence, living in the moment with conviction and confidence, enjoying life, having fun and staying true to yourself. We encourage self-expression. 


We don’t expect anyone to conform. If you ride, ride with us. Be yourself. Be who you are. Be you. Ride be Real.


Fundamental in biker culture. It doesn’t matter what you think, as long as you ride. Bikers get it, in our culture there is an old saying, "If I need to explain it, you wouldn't understand."

your next RIDE is calling

Your next THROTTLE THERAPY session is just around the next bend in the road. Ride with Freedom Biker Tours. Experience the FREEDOM. Share your AUTHENTIC self. Be ACCEPTED. Experience the BROTHERHOOD.

Together We Ride...

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