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Your 'Cage Free' Vacation Experience

The motorcycle is the universal symbol of independence and personal freedom. For all of us it holds special and personal meanings on many levels. We self-express and show our authentic selves. We experience the Brotherhood. We encourage all riders to experience and live our core values: Freedom, Authenticity, Acceptance and Brotherhood

We don't expect anyone to conform... 

Let's have some fun... Make Life A Ride!

Rides for <span>all Bikers</span>

Find Your Freedom

At Freedom Biker Tours we feel confident in saying that there are a lot of us seeking some 'Throttle Therapy'.

Why not get that therapy while exploring some amazing regions of North America with Biker brothers and sisters?

Ride with us and Feel the FREEDOM, Share your AUTHENTIC Self, Be ACCEPTED, and Experience the BROTHERHOOD

Together We Ride!


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Our Rides are for all Bikers. We are Brothers and Sisters no matter where we are from or what we ride. Ride with us and share your Authentic Self. Make Life A Ride...

Rides: Canada

  • from $3,629 p.p. CAD
10 Days
10 Nights

Ride The West Coast

  • from $4,879 p.p. CAD
11 Days
10 Nights

Ride The Maritimes

  • from $6,159 P.P. CAD

We’d like to share our authentic self…

We invite you to take a few minutes and watch this video about us, and what could lie ahead.
– Cheers, JD

your next RIDE is calling

Your next THROTTLE THERAPY session is just around the next bend in the road. Ride with Freedom Biker Tours. Experience the FREEDOM. Share your AUTHENTIC self. Be ACCEPTED. Experience the BROTHERHOOD.

Together We Ride...

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