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The motorcycle is the universal symbol of independence and personal freedom. For all of us it holds special and personal meanings on many levels. We self-express and show our authentic selves. We experience the Brotherhood. We encourage all riders to experience and live our core values: Freedom, Authenticity, Acceptance and Brotherhood

We don't expect anyone to conform... 

Let's have some fun... Make Life A Ride!

Rides for <span>all Bikers</span>

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At Freedom Biker Tours we feel confident in saying that there are a lot of us seeking some 'Throttle Therapy'.

Why not get that therapy while exploring some amazing regions of North America with Biker brothers and sisters?

Ride with us and Feel the FREEDOM, Share your AUTHENTIC Self, Be ACCEPTED, and Experience the BROTHERHOOD

Together We Ride!


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Keith Smead ( Minnesota, USA)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

This was an awesome trip. Met a great group of people from all over. Saw some beautiful country and learned about the history. Well worth the money for checking things off bucket list. Plan to sign up for another trip with FREEDOM BIKER TOURS. THANKS JD

Ted Davis (Canada)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

The eight-day “Ride The Rockies and Best of BC” motorcycle tour was well organized and conducted by Freedom Biker Tours. They ensured that everyone experienced an abundance of great scenery and excellent mountain roads, with time to stop and take in the views. When not riding their motorcycles, participants were provided with a wide variety of meals throughout the day, and comfortable accommodations for the night. It was a great trip, with riders from all walks of life – some from overseas – who bonded through their shared two-wheeled experience of BC and Alberta!

Videography Incognito

| 2023

I was commissioned for a 7 day CMTA (Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association) and Travel Alberta video project, and JD from Freedom Biker Tours was hired as my guide. It was my first time on a motorcycle.

JD was very safety conscious, always checking the oil, the tire pressure, the route maps and the weather forecast. He never complained about having to pack and balance my camera equipment, or the extra swag I bought at rallies. He always seemed to have a plan and was happy and easy going.

Since it was my first motorcycle experience I was asked to rate from 1-10 the danger I felt on a bike. I said “a 3 because there’s no seatbelt, I’m completely exposed and I can see the road zipping past from under me so I know there’s danger”

They responded with “wow, you must have had a good driver”

Yes, yes I did. JD was an excellent Sherpa. His experience was evident, I felt comfortable on his bike and I now insist that we continue to work on future video projects together. I have confidence in him and his operations. He is a fantastic tour operator.

Howard Phillips (U.K.)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

I was a little nervous about going on the tour, but after JD phoned me l was reassured by his genuine and personable manner and that he wanted everyone to have a great experience. The whole tour was very well organised with every detail thought through. There were many highlights on the tour, but a couple that stand out was the Cookout at the Biker’s campground with a live band, followed by the next day's ride on one of the world's top ten motorcycle roads, where everything came together and I felt at one with the bike. I just couldn't believe l was riding an awesome Harley on these spectacular Canadian roads. The hotels were great, especially at Lake Okanagan, we had dinner on the terrace with the sun going down behind the mountains across the Lake. The other riders were very friendly and helpful, especially when parking the bikes. With the backup support, everything ran very smoothly. It was one of my best holidays. 

Susan Graham (British Columbia, Canada)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

I had the absolute pleasure of participating in the ‘Ride the Rockies + Best of BC’ tour earlier this month. We saw some very beautiful country and even some wild critters! The tour was well organized and it was really nice to have everything taken care of - route, breaks, meals, fuel and accommodation. We even had a support vehicle to help pack some of our luggage. Our tour hosts were friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. As a woman travelling solo, I felt safe. I would highly recommend Freedom Biker Tours as a way to see some spectacular places, do some spectacular riding and spend time with some spectacular people!!

Carmen Pelletier (Alberta, Canada)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

I am now spoiled. Not having to worry was the greatest gift Freedom Biker Tours provided. This was a perfect way to experience the sights and smells of the uncaged Canadian Rockies and BC. The entire route was well mapped and planned out. All I did was show up and enjoy the ride. As a 5ft 107lbs girl I found so much security travelling with FBT tour group and really learned the meaning of 'brotherhood/sisterhood'. Each morning we discussed our anticipated routes and had fuel up check-ins where I learned more about the motorcycle that I anticipated. There were regular leg stretching sightseeing pit stops with an array of refreshments emerging from the support vehicle. After a full day of riding it was glorious to be given a key to a hotel room that was not just clean but upscale. Equally fabulous knowing that you had reservations for breakfast lunches and dinners with options to cater every picky eater. That said, one of my favourite was our 'Riders Retreat' glamping experience where Freedom Biker Tours surprised us with a live band and fully catered Steak BBQ to enjoy by the fire pit and converse with other riders staying at the campground. This is what I mean by spoiled, as you certainly experience the windfall of JD's many years in biker culture and tourism.

Sub-Zero Productions (Canada)

Ride The Rockies + Best OF BC | 2023

Just completed the Ride the Rockies/Best of B.C tour and highly recommend it. The adventure was a unique experience with a great variety of locations, wicked roads, and top notch hospitality. Met some really awesome riders from around the globe and new friends for life.

Travis Bonner (Canada)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

Just did the Ride the Rockies + Best of B.C tour. I must say what an awesome experience. Fun roads, great sites and some wicked riders from around the globe . A true all inclusive deal and well worth the money, the hosts where friendly, helpful and super knowledgeable about the area we rode through. 2 highlights for me were the visits to the ice on the Athabasca glacier and sunrise in the 6 floor penthouse suite overlooking Okanagan lake. I will be looking at doing another one if there tours. 5 stars Freedom Biker Tours.

Julie Heasman (Canada)

Ride The Rockies + Best Of BC | 2023

JD and Tim from Freedom Biker Tours put together a amazing 10 day tour. Was amazing to see such breath taking scenery! Made new friends and made new memories. Highly recommend attending one of the tours. My only suggestion is gas station at the end of the day so we can get out and enjoy the roads first thing.


Our Rides are for all Bikers. We are Brothers and Sisters no matter where we are from or what we ride. Ride with us and share your Authentic Self. Make Life A Ride...

Rides: Canada

11 Days

Ride The Rockies + Best of BC

June 22, 2024

  • from $7,635 P.P. CAD
11 Days

Ride The Maritimes

August 01, 2024

  • from $8,375 P.P. CAD
10 Days

Ride The West Coast

Aug 21.24

  • from $7,915 P.P. CAD
10 Days

Ride The West Coast

Sep 02.24 (Private Tour)

  • from $0 CAD

Rides: Mexico

7 Days

Ride The Yucatan

Winter 2023/2024 (Every 2nd Saturday)

  • from $1,750 P.P. USD

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