Joseph 'JD' DuboisPresident & Co-Founder, Road Captain

Lives in: Summerland, BC Canada
Birthplace: Baden Soellingen, Germany (RCAF Base)
Citizenship: Canadian
Age: Is that relevant…?😜
Education: School Of Life plus academic accreditations including a Graduate Degree, ‘Master of Arts in Tourism Management’
Graduate Thesis: ‘Understanding Motorcycle Tourism through a Study of Biker Culture’

I’ve always been an explorer. Never really fit into any sort of mold so to speak. Always felt an urge and that need to get out and do things, see the world. Seeing the landscapes and experiencing other cultures and learning about them. I believe in asking ‘Why?’ and never judging. I was raised by an Officer and a Gentleman. My Father, who I only lost in 2021 was 99 years old and a WWII veteran. He spent 30-years in the Royal Canadian Airforce. I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was a young man. The core values of Freedom Biker Tours are also my personal core values, Freedom, Authenticity, Acceptance and Brotherhood.

My professional life has been working in the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality industry since I was a teenager. In Bars and Restaurants I’ve worked Food and Beverage, and for the Airlines as a Flight Attendant and in Operations. I’ve worked for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies and have many years experience in the Accommodation sector in Hotels and Resorts. I’ve owned and operated a Campground & RV Park and continue to operate a Tourism Consulting Firm. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on various boards as a director. Regarding the latter, politics really isn’t my thing. 🙄

I’ve always loved riding, but as I grew older and eventually matured (lol), I found a home in the Biker Brotherhood and Culture. A culture whose core values are aligned with my own. Motorcycling, and specifically riding a Harley and the associated cultural aspect of that brand ignites a passion in me that had long been dormant. Learning about it, understanding, and subsequently fully embracing it when researching and writing my Graduate Degree research project was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I will forever continue to receive a good dose of ‘Throttle Therapy’ whenever and wherever I can. 

Freedom Biker Tours is my passion and how I wish to live my life until I am unable to ride anymore. If I am ever unable to do 2 wheels, I’ll do 3.

I invite every Biker to ride with us and Find your Freedom, Share your Authentic Self, Be Accepted and Experience the Brotherhood.

Make life a ride... 

We are one culture… Ride be Real and Ride for Real.

Rob Truscott (a.k.a. Dead Nought)Brand Ambassador & Road Captain | Ride The Maritimes

Lives in:  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Birthplace:  Hope, British Columbia
Citizenship:  Canadian
Age:  Is that relevant…?😜
Education:  Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, Graduate Certificate in Digital  Marketing, and many years of Military  Training in Aviation and Leadership

Growing up as a redneck farm kid in the mountains of British Columbia, Rob switched from a horse to a dirt bike as his primary mode of transportation in the early 80s. Motorcycles were never far from him, but always seemed too far away after he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 and set off on his many journeys and deployments around the world, and it was always just whirlwind love affairs with bikes that came and went with the tides. It wasn't until 2009 when his kids were teenagers themselves that motorcycles came back into his life permanently. Rob currently rides a 2014 Victory Cross Country that was purchased brand new on impulse the day the doctor told him he had Bladder Cancer. 

Growing up in a rural environment, Rob always enjoyed exploring the outdoors. His first adventures in the Maritimes Region started with a makeshift RV in the 90s when he was posted to 12 Wing Shearwater, a military airfield in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He returned to Nova Scotia two more times, spending a total of 13 years in Halifax during his 31 year career in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Using his military skills, Rob is always active in the riding community helping to organize and lead charity events and fundraising rides. Something Rob has done all across Canada, wherever he has lived. Now retired from the military, he and his wife live in Halifax, nearby to their 2 kids and grandkids, where Rob can ride most days whichever direction the wind takes him. Cancer is now in the rear view mirror, allowing him the freedom to roam. 

Rob is our Road Captain, and knows all the cool places to visit in the Maritimes Region, and he looks forward to leading our ride. 

Make Life A Ride...

George R. Hauffe (a.k.a. Mr. H)Brand Ambassador & Ride Captain

Lives in: Edmonton
Birthplace: Montreal
Citizenship: Canadian
Age: Is that relevant…?😜
Education: CIM, CMTSE, CSP, Accredited Business Development Specialist

Originally a Millwright by vocation, mentored into Sales & Marketing from the Machine Tool Industry which obliged me the opportunity to travel. 15 countries across three continents so far, serving OEM’s, distributors, and clientele directly. Today, a CSP accredited Business & Relationship Developer. 

Learning how to ride in the fields and backroads during the summer after grade 6 on a friend’s Yamaha Enduro 80, I was hooked and quickly graduated to a 150, 440, 650, and then a 900cc by the time I hit 20, but it wasn’t too last. Then came children with a wife that was terribly afraid of motorcycles, but a time came when an opportunity to receive a motorcycle as payment for a side-gig, the joy of riding was quickly rekindled.

Since then I’ve had a Yamaha VStar 1300, and belonged to the Northern Star Riders Club. I then switched to a Honda Gold Wing and rode with the GWRRA, but that wasn’t for me either, neither was the CMC. In 2014 I fell in love with a Harley-Davidson Rushmore series Road King, and suddenly it was mine. What I did not expect was the camaraderie experienced by joining HOG.   

Today, the Brotherhood of the Iron Steed, in particular, Harley-Davidson, is a phenomenon I’ll leave for psychologists to explain, but as for myself it’s been an incredible journey that has allowed me to combine the passion for riding, an interest in photography, my vernacular and ability to write about my adventures and sometimes be published.  

So whether I lead or sweep during a ride as Road Captain, or go solo, cameras come along, be they mounted for an interesting POV, or in my panier, I find little else as exciting as reviewing shots of people having the time of their lives, and I’m honoured to have participated in capturing the most amazing images, candid and otherwise.

Freedom Biker Tours has offered me an opportunity to combine my passion for riding with my sales, marketing and business development expertise to offer you and yours an opportunity, possibly of a lifetime, to tour parts of Canada, and the USA. 

I invite every Biker to Ride with us and Find your Freedom, Share your Authentic Self, Be Accepted and Experience the Brotherhood

We are one culture... one community…

Ride be Real


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TPVice President & Co-founder, Road Captain

Lives in:  
Citizenship: Canadian
Age: Is that relevant…?😜
Education: St. Clair College of Applied Arts & School of Experience & Hard Knocks



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