Ride The Yucatan, Mexico


Freedom Biker Tours is proud to announce that we are associated with C&M Motorcycle Tours, the only motorcycle tour company in Mexico that has its own fleet of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for its riders to enjoy. 

Freedom Biker Tours is the exclusive seller of 'Ride The Yucatan' to Canadians. All Canadian residents must book through Freedom Biker Tours in order to participate in this Tour Program. Pricing is in Canadian Dollars and Terms and Conditions are user-friendly. 

Contact Freedom Biker Tours today and get ready to Ride The Yucatan and experience Mexico in a way you never have before. 


Penticton Herald

October 17, 2022

The Penticton Herald caught up with our President and Co-Founder, JD, during the South Okanagan Toy Run. In this front-page feature, JD discusses his Graduate Thesis work, and what people can expect when they join a Freedom Biker Tours experience.

Click Here to read this amazing article written by Mark Brett. 

The support we receive from the incredible towns we visit on our tours is part of what makes Freedom Biker Tours such an amazing way to experience Canada and the USA.

Northern Ontario Travel

January 09, 2023

Freedom Biker Tours is proud to be associated with Destination Ontario and Northern Ontario Travel promoting our Ride The Canadian Shield Tour program. 

Click Here to read this amazing article written by Alex Palmer, a New York Times bestselling author who writes about travel, culture, and history.

Join us on our Ride The Canadian Shield Tour and experience all that Ontario has to offer. 

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